It's a Mind Body Rebellion.​

Over the last two decades, I’ve helped thousands of people REBEL against the fitness industry’s failure cycles.  There’s a reason you’re tired of looking for the right coach, perfect diet, and the magic workout that burns fat right off your body.  You sign up for challenges, memberships, detoxes and 30 day challenges, AND you put in the time. So why don’t they get your the body and life that you want? 

The fitness industry has been hunting us down, but you don’t need what they’ve been selling you: The scale-stepping, cardio-obsessing, waistline measuring, food-weighing lies, and the idea that your worth can be determined by the size of your skinny jeans. I don’t want you to work or eat obsessively ever again, but I am going to help you get the body and life you dream of. 

It's time to become THE HUNTER.​

I’m going to show you how to carve the bravest, boldest path toward far more than your strongest, healthiest body. I’ll be real – the secret isn’t my effective workouts and food plans. The secret is in our minds. I’m going to train you to train your own mind, and unleash the most vibrant, true, inspired version of yourself, the person you were born to be, before life started taking the wheel. This is the REBEL’s path; you know who I mean. That renegade voice that’s always been deep inside you, who’s always known that you’re here to live bold, and true.

We train to REWILD.​

How did I get here? I’m probably a lot like you. I always knew my calling, then life puts it to the test. I was born with a huge love of movement, with a crazy passion for dancing in the grass, climbing trees, and trekking through streams. All I wanted to do was move with joy and be in nature, and really, nothing has changed.

But LIFE has a way of quieting that true voice. Traumas, losses, breakups, and endless turns on my career path. I’ve lost my way more times than I can count. But two things were always present in my work and my life: a deep love for movement, and the knowledge that all any human being wants is to be seen and connected.

Real magic happened for me when I quit trying to meditate in the morning. Sounds crazy; shouldn’t the opposite be true? I created my own morning mindset practice instead, and everything began to change. I healed my body, felt freedom in my work, and found myself surrounded by happier, healthier people and opportunities. It’s so simple, all we have to do is show up for ourselves. Litethriive™ was born from a dream of sharing this transformative tool, so we can ALL carve our REBEL paths.

Ready? You know you are.​


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