Wellness that ripples.

Litethriive™ was created to ignite a Kindness Revolution. By starting each day nourishing ourselves with love and compassion, we have more of the same to share with the world around us. We believe that everything we do – in life and business – should have measurable impacts on: 
  • Our inner circle, meaning our family – biological and chosen, two and four legged.
  • Our work – through our vacation and our volunteerism.
  • Our communities – the places we live, shop, walk, and belong to.
  • Our planet – Mother Earth. 
As a small organization, we’re grateful that our clients and members are true agents of change, meaning collectively, we can ripple out seeds of revolution!  Our mandate is to do more than give to organizations in need. We resolve to roll up our sleeves as a community and actively participate in creating change.  

Starting Fall 2022, we’re stacking hands to bring wellness to the staff at Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries as our outreach focus for the next 6 months.
By investing in yourself with Litethriive™, that act of personal kindness radiates out! 
Thank you for being part of this movement.

Need support?  

We reserve several Mindset memberships annually for women and men in addiction recovery. Please contact rebel@litethriive.com for details on how to access this confidential program.
If you’d like to send us information about your charity event, please contact us any time. 


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