A wellness movement for people who believe that being healthy is about being connected: to nature, nourishment, community, and kindness. We’re here together to get strong, clear, and conscious, and to ripple out more of the same. Because wellness should accessible to everyone.

Our fall schedule focuses on finding the balance between brave strength and focused stillness. Move with us live or on-demand. Your membership includes access to a huge library of sessions, including our live sessions which are archived for you. Watch for more chances to move and learn online and in person together in 2022!  

Starting Fall 2022, we partner with you to bring wellness to the staff at Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge and North Dumfries as our outreach focus for the next 6 months. Your membership includes a contribution to help us support people in our community who help make wellbeing accessible to ALL. 
By investing in yourself with Litethriive™, that act of personal kindness radiates out!
Thank you for being part of this movement.

Need support? 

We reserve several memberships annually for people in addiction recovery. Please contact [email protected] for details on how to access this confidential program. Everyone is welcome.
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