Are you ready to unleash your truest self?

Most people stick with the status quo. You know, the job, the house, the stuff. Even though we were all born with light inside, life dims it along the way, forcing us into a box we don’t belong in.

Not us. We're so happy you landed here, because you’ve found your rebel-home.

We created the Litethriive™ membership to help you rediscover your fire, and keep your flame burning bright for life.

Our program is completely holistic.

Daily mindset coaching, strong workouts, progressive nutrition support, and tools to help you shine and thrive in your career, relationships and parenting. 

Fresh challenges monthly.

And you never have to leave home. 
In addition to your daily coaching, unpack a freshly curated collection of challenges, workshops, tools, and programs – all designed to change your life – on the 8th of every month. It’s a gift to you from us!
Plus, your membership helps give back

How We Thrive:

Daily Mindset

Live and on-demand mindset coaching and meditations. My signature style works for everyone and is designed especially for people who do not meditate.


Live and on-demand workouts and workshops with me and my favourite trainers, using zero equipment or simple tools like a band or kettlebell. You won’t need a home gym, just a spot to roll out your mat.


True rebels rest. Get live and on-demand classes and workshops featuring yoga, rolling, self massage, and even tools to help you get the best possible sleep.


Nonstop, leading edge nutrition support focused on gut and hormone health. No matter how many diets you’ve been on, we’ll help you revolutionize your relationship with food and find success.

Lifestyle Coaching

We focus on mindset and habit training to help you uncover your most powerful relationships, carve your truest career path, and build the life that’s always been waiting for you.

A True Crew

Our private Facebook community and Zoom connections mean you instantly have the support of an unstoppable band of like-minded rebels.

Member Access

First chance at trips, special workshops, retreats, courses, member perks, challenges, and more! All at exclusive member rates.

Treasure Box

Parents: Ever-evolving tools, movement classes, and activities for your Mini-Thriivers!



With 3 levels of membership to suit any budget.





  • LIVE Mindset sessions 3 x weekly at 7 AM ET.
  • Can’t watch live? Access recordings any time.
  • Library of on-demand mindset + meditation sessions and workshops.
  • Access special program releases on the 8th of every month, including nutrition + lifestyle expert guests.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook community.
  • Cancel any time.





  • Everything in the Mindthriive Level.
  • LIVE weekday workout at 6:15 AM ET daily, or watch the recording any time.
  • Special bonus live workouts throughout the week.
  • Huge library of on-demand sessions.
  • Challenging and accessible movement programs developed by Founder Erin and Kinesiologist Amanda, and change DAILY.
  • Crush bodyweight, bands, kettlebells, and boxing.
  • Access fresh program releases on the 8th of each month!
  • Cancel any time.





We keep our Personal Coaching Crew small so you’ll also get to know each other!​

  • Everything in the Mindthriive + Litethriive Levels.
  • 2 LIVE personal training sessions in small groups weekly to suit your schedule.
  • Special access to program releases on the 8th of each month.
  • Cancel any time.

TERMS: All memberships feature monthly renewal on the same date you register. Sign up on the 15th, and be billed every month on the 15th! Cancel any time online 5 days before your next renewal. Prices are in Canadian Dollars…great news for our US friends! *wink wink*

Have questions?

YES. Our specialty is helping people of all levels and abilities move with strength and stability. Every single session is shared by trainers and kinesiologists skilled at helping you find the modifications and progressions that suit your body best.

No problem! Click here and reach out to our Registered Kinesiologist Amanda Myers. We can do a live session on Zoom to help determine the best movement strategies for you.

Hell yes! The Litethriive™ Rebel Mindset practice was created by Erin after years of struggling with meditation. Our morning mindset strategy helps keep you focused on specific steps, keeps your mind from wandering, and helps carve new neural pathways in the brain to turn you into a kind, grateful, goal-crushing machine!

Whewf! Sounds to us like you’re in the right spot. 

Everything is right here online! When you join, you’ll get access to our member portal and never look back. You don’t need to be a technology wizard, don’t worry! Our community stays connected on Facebook. We keep you posted through weekly emails right in your inbox, too. (And every so often, you may just find a little treat in your REAL mailbox, too!)

Wicked! True renegades of a THRIIVING life are our people – welcome to your crew!  We continue to learn, grow, and evolve together, uncovering new ideas, strategies, and ways of living.

We have people joining us from all over the world! If the live time slots don’t work for you in the Live tier memberships, you can join into the daily recordings any time.

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