Litethriive is a wellness movement for people who believe that being healthy is about being connected: to nature, nourishment, community, and kindness. We’re here together to get strong, clear, and conscious, and to ripple out more of the same. Because wellness should accessible to everyone.

Our fall schedule focuses on finding the balance between brave strength and focused stillness. Our online membership features live classes with personalized coaching, and access to hundreds of online mindset and movement sessions.  Click below for online details including our schedule, or scroll down for in-person news!


The 8 Week Ultimate Reset: November 14th

Our brand new and exclusive wellness home, where we’d LOVE you to be one of only 22 members! Our inaugural series comes to the THRIIVELAB, and we can’t wait to see you in real life. It’s time to redefine wellbeing, and we know you’re ready! It’s NOT about going back to the way things were in February 2020, and “getting back at it”. The pandemic has taught us so much about health, community, and the precious value of our time.

The formula for getting unstuck and lighting a new fire:

  • Eat more. (You don’t need to tell us twice!)
  • Train smart. (Deep strength. Nourishing mobility. Optimal function.)
  • Rest + sleep. (Take advantage of rest days and improve sleep. We’ll help!)
  • Ripple kindness. (The very best part.)

Here’s our 8 week strength program featuring Boss, E, and very special guest coach, Trish Masters. All sessions are 45 minutes.

THE PROGRAM: November 14th to January 8th.

  • Monday: 6:15 AM: LIFT • Upper Body + Core
  • Wednesday: 6:15 AM LOAD • Legs + Core
  • Thursday 6:15 AM: MOVE • Function + Flow


  • Tuesday 7:15 PM: Fireflow with Trish Masters. (You must opt-in, watch your inbox after registration) This series is $198 and free for series members.


  • Unlimited access to Litethriive’s online live and on-demand movement and mindset programs valued at $98. Access everything you need for your wellness when you travel or are on the go!
  • Nutrition guidelines and recipes.
  • Active recovery and sleep improvement tips weekly.
  • Ripple out change by helping us collectively support Porchlight Counselling + Addiction Services (formerly Family Counselling Cambridge + North Dumfries). 
  • All the goodness that comes from being part of this crew!

Things to know:

  • $248 billed on the 14th of each month.
  • First chance to access our ongoing morning series in January.
  • Our strength sessions utilize a wide variety of implements and tools with a focus on kettlebells, dumbbells, instability tools, and yes, bands make some special appearances!
  • We train shoeless. Please note that grip socks are mandatory in the studio.
  • Yoga mats are required. Yes, you can store your mat at the space.
  • At this time, THRIIVELAB is ONLY offering these time slots, but watch for additional workshops and courses coming soon!
  • Your $108 deposit holds your spot and is deducted from your first membership payment. Note that this deposit is non-refundable if you cancel.
  • We kindly ask you commit to the full 8 weeks. After that, cancel your membership any time in your account settings. There are no partial refunds or credits.

Welcome Home: 

7 Grand Ave S, Suite 109. Next to Molloy’s in the former Galt House of Yarn. Ample parking and easy walking access near trails and the pedestrian bridge. We can’t wait to move with you!

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