Our Team

Erin Moraghan

Founder + Mind Slayer
E’s path has been long and winding but what keeps her whole has remained constant: sharing movement, building community, and loving trees, rivers, books, and dogs. Erin became obsessed with finding innovative ways to help people be holistically healthy after nearly a decade working in healthcare. As a born entrepreneur, Erin created Litethriive™ during the COVID-19 crisis as a way of helping people unleash the power of the mind and embrace the vital approach of being holistically well.
Erin has been studying and sharing movement and fitness for most of her life, studying across the globe. Erin co-founded the Revkor™ brand with her partner, inventor Angela Rivard, in 2013 and runs her fitness studio in Cambridge, Ontario with her team. Big roadblocks led Erin to finally get serious about creating a consistent morning mindset practice in 2017, inspiring the creation of Litethriive™.

Amanda Myers

Registered Kinesiologist + Instructor

This renegade is a born leader! Amanda began her fitness career as a teenager, coaching gymnastics. Grounded in the desire to help others stay well in both body and mind, she graduated from McMaster University in 2017 with a major in Kinesiology and a double minor in psychology and health, aging and society. Amanda is extremely passionate about exercise, anatomy education and disease prevention using a holistic approach. Three things that light her up? Her faith, family and exploring the world.

ChristiE Myers

The Boss

The ultimate fitness and mindful movement coach. You only need to do one class with Christie to understand why she’s The Boss. She says, “Although fitness has always been a part of my life I didn’t foresee making it my life’s work and passion. I feel most alive when I’m helping others rise up and experience the wonders of movement and creating a new path for their own lives.” 

E immediately saw a born coach in Christie when they met in 2014. Upon making the suggestion, Boss promptly dropped copious f-bombs and dismissed the idea entirely, but Erin persisted. Aren’t you glad she did? 

Jess Paladino

Resident Guest and Nutrition Thriiver
There are a lot of reasons you’ll fall in love with Paladino! When it comes to nutrition, her passion is positively contagious, inspiring you to get energized about taking your power back when it comes to fuel. 
A believer that food is medicine, Jess lives to help us make informed food choices  to improve our own health.  Jess joins us as a regular guest with workshops and tools designed to help you love healthy eating, and has a special passion gut and hormone health. Jess is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Masters of Applied Nutrition. 

Lauralea Lloyd

Resident Guest + Mind Thriiver
Lauralea joined us first as a member, and now as one of our most valued Resident Guests. She has 25 years experience in Social Work, having started as  a Child and Youth Worker, then going on to get a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work, specializing in clinical counselling with individuals and groups. She’s a Registered member of the Ontario (Canada) College of Social Workers as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers. 

Lauralea has worked in a wide range of settings, from outpatient psychiatry to addictions treatment, and currently works in private practice. She’s facilitated group programs for depression, anxiety, addictions and parenting. What we love about Lauralea the most, is her ability to lead awareness-expanding conversation in our workshops, often helping members have huge collective “a-ha!” moments! 

Mike Rivait

Veteran Coach
Yes, Mike is a thirty year fitness-industry rockstar! (How’s that for dedication?) While his workouts are tough, strong, and incredibly fun, what makes him such a valued coach is his star-level of kindness. Mike has a huge heart, and puts endless passion into coaching – from our Litethriive™ crew to his Team Canada Special Olympic athletes. As a single dad, we watched Mike rise strong for his daughter, a stellar human and an elite softball player. These are just some of the reasons Mike is the perfect coach to help our crew Rise and THRIIVE! A former RMT, Mike is passionate about helping people move and live better. 


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