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The mindset, nutrition, and movement reset for anyone feeling held back by chronic pain, IBS, and inflammation, whether you have a diagnosis or not. This 30 day program will help you feel better in mind and body, no matter where you’re starting from, as long as you’re ready to take the very first step by joining in.

Let's get your power back.

Inflammation. It’s behind everything from autoimmune responses to gut health and weight management. The most challenging part? It’s vastly misunderstood. Should you rest or push harder? Can nutrition make a difference? And when doctors aren’t helping, who can you turn to? Who has the answers?
This live and on-demand course wraps you up in support from people who’ve lived it and get it, guiding you toward strong, empowered living. We’ll help demystify some of what’s going on in your body, helping you take your power back when it comes to your body, your health, and your future. We’ll help you remember that your body is yours, and that you can uncover your own answers. We’ll help.

About Erin

After 15 years of helping people with autoimmune conditions move and feel well, Erin Moraghan – Founder of Litethriive – now feels armed with brand new tools thanks to her own personal journey.

Erin spent nearly a decade working at a well-known hospital network raising funds for arthritis and autoimmune research. She noticed patients were often frustrated that they didn’t often receive guidance from doctors on the role that wellness can play in managing any chronic condition. Believing in the power of movement and mindset, she set out to make a difference by sharing empowering coaching. 
In her forties, life threw Erin her own inflammatory curveball. After about 15 years of unexplained joint pain, things became worse. Doctors were certain they’d uncover a lupus or rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, but came up empty handed, leaving her with no answers or direction. A gastroenterologist eventually suggested a Low FODMAP diet, which made such a profound impact, that it gave Erin an epiphany.  She was looking for answers in all the wrong places.  Erin’s mission in life is to help people look within for the empowerment they need and deserve when it comes to navigating their health and wellness journey.

About Cait

Cait Mizzi is a mother, educator, writer and clinician of functional nutrition.

Her passionate journey into the wellness industry began as a result of her own health struggles. She was diagnosed with two different autoimmune diseases; guttate psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, both in early childhood. Through her own persistent quest for answers and a commitment to heal for a better quality of life, Cait dedicated thousands of hours and years of study and research into understanding the intricate relationship between the human body, its environment, the way it moves and of course, the foods that we feed it.

Cait‘s private practice focuses on total health optimization from pediatrics to geriatrics, with a specific focus on prevention and supporting those with autoimmunity to step into a place of vibrancy in their own health journey. 

Cait is a certified holistic nutritionist with additional training in functional medicine, immunology, detoxification, ketogenic diets, fertility as well as pre and post-natal nutrition. 

What's Included:

Get started with exclusive access to our April 8th get-started workshop.
Then, dive into 30 days of movement, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle practices designed to help you feel like YOU again (only better)!


Food is medicine, so let’s find answers! It’s a 30 Day Autoimmune Paleo nutrition plan, guided by Functional Nutrition Expert Cait Mizzi. Uncover what’s triggering inflammation in your body, and what foods your body loves.  Note: the AIP plan does not include plant-based options. If you’re a non meat-eater, drop us a note about a custom experience at


Learn neuroscience-based strategies for developing an empowered mindset, guided by Founder + Mindset Coach, Erin Moraghan. Live and on-demand autoimmune-focused mindset sessions help ease the way you experience pain, discomfort, stress, fear, and exhaustion associated with chronic conditions. Shift from a survival mindset to a THRIIVING one.


Erin Moraghan and Registered Kinesiologist Amanda Myers create your program, designed to meet you at any level. From gentle restorative to mindful strength, we’ll show you ways to intuit what your body needs, building mobility and stability for an empowered body that moves as fluidly as possible. Need extra support? From physiotherapy to one-on-one coaching, we can add support to the base program in the most affordable ways possible.


The best part? Connect with the entire community as we work to lift one another up and find our bravest paths forward! With live and on-demand sessions and workshops and access to our private Facebook community, you’ll get to interact with your coaches and crew in ways that help you find answers and change the way you feel forever.

When it comes to your health and wellness, remember to always clear your programs with your healthcare providers if you have any concerns or special considerations. This entire program can be customized to meet you where you’re at.

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