Over the last 19 months, it feels like humankind is navigating crisis after crisis, but in tandem with it all, we feel a thrilling shift: Consciousness is rising, and you, Rebels, are helping lead the way.

This fall, we’re harnessing the unstoppable power of MORNING HABITS.


Because if we can conquer our greatest barriers before we work, create, parent, and engage, the positive ripple effect throughout our day is transformative.

So, what ARE our greatest barriers? It all starts within, in the mind. Lighting up our personal power each morning through movement and mindset practices means we learn to RISE and DECIDE daily, thereby doing our part – each and every day – to change the world.


Rise & Thriive

Wake up! Live Mindset sessions are now daily, Monday - Friday on Zoom, including a new lunch-hour session to help you transition to your weekend. Click below to unlock all the new tools we're bringing you this fall. Be sure to download the schedule in your Mindset Dashboard!

Energy Detox

September 20th! Join Zakkiya Miller and E for a 7-day Energy Detox. Fall is the perfect time to release what non longer serves us, and create space for opportunity to grow! FREE for members. Paid access available for guests.

Fall Fire!

Inspired by the epic wins from this summer's 21 Day Strength Transformation, your fall schedule is PACKED with ways to RISE each day with strength and intention. Be sure to download the schedule in your Movement Dashboard.

Moon Ceremony

A hugely special October experience! Angela DeMontigny leads two healing moon ceremonies for fall. Leverage the fresh-beginning feelings from your September Energy Detox, and continue carving space in your life for more healing and growth. FREE for members. Paid tickets for guests.

Join the Club

LOVE the fire from your 21 Day Strength Transformation? Step it up with this 5 day Steel Club course for absolute beginners with Boss + E!
This course will be FREE to members. Paid spots available for guests. Need clubs? We recommend starting with at least 1 club, but a pair is great. We started with a 4 kg. This course will use 1 club.

Drums Across Canada

Sunday September 12 at 3:30 ET: Free/VIRTUAL. "For the spirits of the children who never got to go home, for our ancestors who walk at our side, our Matriarchs, MMIWG2S, the land and all our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren still unborn. Drums Across Canada is the vision of Celebration of Nations Artistic Director Michele Elise Burnett (Métis/Algonquin, Bear Clan) and collaborators Angela DeMontigny (Cree/Métis), Audra Sewell (Mi’kmaw) and Erin Moraghan (Settler). " Join the Facebook Event or watch your inbox for additional access information.
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