February Drop:


Remember JOY? Belly laughs, tears in your eyes, goodness? Stepping off a plane and feeling the warm sun on your skin? Leaning in over a full table to share a cheers with your bestie? Feeling the vibration of live music, deep in your centre?

True Rebels can uncover exhilaration and deep joy in tiny moments and unexpected places through presence and INTENTION. We strengthen this muscle together, all month long. 

Threading in all we learned in January’s theme, we help you move beyond survival mode. Let’s strengthen our collective ability to THRIIVE, THRIIVE, THRIIVE. So in the spirit of uncovering JOY, we’ve 100% got your back this month with daily doses of laughs, mind-body freedom, and friendship and connection to fill your heart.

Let’s dive in!

THE February DROp

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