January Drop:

This is the day we’ve been waiting for! We’re so honoured to be able to serve up an impactful and valuable release to YOU – our treasured members! If there’s one thing we learned in 2020, it’s that THIS. CREW. IS. UNSTOPPABLE.

Inspired by your fierce determination, Erin is here with a quick introduction to some of what you can expect this month at Litethriive. Please take a few minutes to watch this welcome to January’s theme: INTENTION.

THE January DROP


What if we gave you a tool that had the potential to completely change your course? From health and relationships to finances and creativity, your rebel path toward your truest dreams is right here.

Join Erin on January 8th at 12 PM ET via the Zoom link in your inbox for an intro to this planner.
Save January 28th at 7:30 PM ET to join a panel of coaches just waiting to help you THRIIVE.
PLUS, watch for details on how to apply for an exclusive Mastermind launching at the end of January for those ready to be coached toward next-level success.


Welcome to body-changing programs for January to help you move, function, look and FEEL better than you ever have before. With brand new daily live classes curated by our coaches, as well as NEW weekly on-demand sessions programmed for all levels. Watch for your first release of new on-demand Sunday January 10th!


Here's the second edition of Erin's reading list, featuring loads of Canadian content. Find the reading lists any time in the THRIIVE Dashboard.


Share this creative magic from Esther Sanchez with your kids or any of the mini-Rebels in your world.
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