The 2021 change you've been waiting for.

We’re a different kind of wellness crew. YES we love a good sweat, but when it comes to training, we start with the brain. Using uplifting, performance-boosting mindset strategies rooted in neuroscience, we help you completely change your life through consistent practice. Scroll down for membership packages for as low as $58!

  • Live and on-demand mindset practices. (All levels)
  • Live and on-demand daily movement sessions – from HIIT + kettlebells to the chillest stretches – for all levels. (Litethriive level package.)
  • Nutrition guidance and workshops rooted in body-positive, holistic wellbeing. (All levels)
  • Kids workouts and creative activities to help keep your minis healthy, too. (All levels)
  • Workshops, events, and guest coaches always! (All levels)

January Membership:

We’re here to help you THRIIVE in 2021! Whatever membership level you choose below, you’re getting an additional $500+ value for free. This month, our expert coaches from across North America band together with the tools and support you need to carve your bravest, boldest path forward. We’re talking about far more than your strongest, healthiest body.

This month, our members gain access to a FREE 2021 Carve Your Path experience, created by our founder Erin Moraghan, and delivered with extremely special guests. Join our panel on January 28th at 7:30 PM ET as we get crystal clear on what you want this year. (Yes, this session is recorded for all members.)

  • Martha Adams, renowned Financial Wellness Coach and author of Cleopatra’s Riches.
  • Greg Klym, Mindfulness Coach.
  •  Todd Bumgardner, Business Coach and Wellness Industry Leader.
  • Erin Moraghan, Litethriive™ Founder.

Does this light you up? We’re releasing limited spots to members only for a Mastermind experience with this panel from February 8th – April 6th, 2021. Members, watch your inbox for details! 

FREE Support for your family!

We’re ALSO including free programming for kids and teens, specifically designed by age group, to help everyone under your roof preserve their physical and mental wellbeing. This includes on-demand mindset and movement sessions for kids 3-10, as well as FREE live teen training for 11-15 year olds.


Erin is a career-long business and movement coach. With Litethriive, these worlds collide, as Erin and her team support members in becoming their healthiest, bravest, in all corners of life.

This January, Erin shares her 40+ page 2021 planner, helping you find inspired clarity on your path forward. YES…even in a global pandemic!

On January 28th: She helps you learn how to become unstoppably resilient, while strengthening your abilities to trust your instincts and make better decisions in health, relationships, career, and more. 


If money is one of our top stresses, why isn’t it part of the wellness conversation? Martha helps us change this now.

As a Certified Financial Planner, Martha Adams has spent her career helping her clients plan and achieve their financial goals. 

Her passion for changing the conversation around money and finances has become the focus of her life’s work. 

One of many things we love about Martha? Her strategies are rooted in a true, holistic wellness conversation, helping us embrace our potential for abundance. 

Find out how when she joins us for our January 28th panel workshop at 7:30 PM ET.


Greg Klym is a mindfulness coach and so much more. With a robust corporate career and journey as an accomplished hockey player, Greg’s special gift is speaking a language that lands with everyone. On January 28th, Greg speaks about how daily stillness is the surest path forward to the growth, action, and dream-crushing you crave.


Fitness industry renegade and renowned coach of coaches, Todd Bumgardner is best known as the CEO of Strength Faction, where he helps coaches and entrepreneurs build their careers with integrity at the core.

We couldn’t think of anyone better to talk on January 28th personal core values, and they can become our road map toward the healthy, inspired life we want.






  • LIVE 25 minute Mindset sessions 3 x weekly at 7 AM ET.
  • Can’t watch live? Access recordings any time.
  • Library of on-demand mindset + meditation sessions and workshops.
  • Access special program releases on the 8th of every month including nutrition and lifestyle workshops with special guests.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook community.
  • Cancel any time.
  • Prices in CD





  • Everything in the Mindthriive Level.
  • LIVE weekday workout at 6:15 AM ET daily, or watch the recording any time.
  • Additional bonus live workouts throughout the week.
  • Huge library of on-demand sessions, with fresh content weekly.
  • Challenging and accessible movement programs developed by Founder Erin and Kinesiologist Amanda, and change DAILY.
  • Movement sessions range from strength training and HIIT to mobility and gentle restorative.
  • Access fresh program releases on the 8th of each month!
  • Cancel any time.
  • Prices in CD.





We keep our Personal Coaching Crew small so you’ll also get to know each other!​

  • Everything in the Mindthriive + Litethriive Levels.
  • 2 LIVE personal training sessions in small groups weekly to suit your schedule.
  • Special access to program releases on the 8th of each month.
  • Cancel any time.
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