8 Day Rebel Mindset Course with Founder Erin Moraghan

Change your mornings.
Change your life.

Right now, most of us feel like we’re running nonstop, but not doing anything very well. We want to be inspired in our work, feel like capable parents and partners, and exude resiliency in our businesses — all while doing the right workouts and eating well. Despite our best efforts, we’re feeling exhausted, overloaded, and stretched beyond our capabilities.
Is any of this sounding familiar? 
These are unprecedented times, so why are we still relying on the same old tools to navigate a completely new kind of stress and uncertainty? I don’t just want you surviving — I want you THRIIVING. I’m going to teach you my personal 8 Step Rebel Mindset Practice.
This won’t just change your morning…it will change your life.
Our culture has been celebrating THE GRIND for so long, but right now, pushing harder is not the answer. The secret is training our brains first thing each morning using tools rooted in neuroscience and mindfulness. 
…And before you ask:
This is not a meditation practice!
I’ve created a Morning Practice Formula that’s so effective and easy to follow, you’ll want to keep the habit at the end of our 8 days together.
We can more than survive COVID 19. We can RISE and we can THRIIVE! Are you ready to carve your bravest, truest path forward? This is the REBEL’s path. It takes courage to choose change for yourself — and now is your time!
We can more than survive COVID 19. We can use this time to truly RISE and carve our bravest, truest path forward. This is the REBEL’s path. It takes courage to choose change for yourself, and now is your time.
“Best thing I ever did for myself. Started in March and never stopped. This is a magical, life-changing practice.” 
“I know the benefits of meditation but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find stillness and quiet in my mind. This is why I joined Erin’s Rebel Mindset because as she says, it’s not meditation. Ironically, for the first time in ten years, I actually can (and do!) meditate at night on my own. Her tools helped me find space inside myself I never knew existed.”
– Janna
“As a nurse and single mom, I felt like I was close to a breakdown this year. This practice moved me out of that dark place and toward my passions and true self again. I forgot that I love to draw, play music, and have fun! Thank you for helping me feel like me – it’s been a long time. Maybe I’ll actually go on a date when this pandemic is over!”
– Melissa

What you get:

  • A daily 30 minute brain-changing practice for 8 days. Watch at your leisure.
  • Your Rebel Mindset Workbook.
  • Each day features an in-depth explanation of the 8 Rebel Mindset steps, helping you understand exactly how you’re retraining your brain.
  • Permanent access to the course to review any time.
  • Bonus: One nighttime practice designed to calm your nervous system and help you get the best possible sleep.
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