Welcome to the Spring Drop at Litethriive! This drop takes us straight through May and June, with a focus on planting important seeds.

Together, we nurture vibrant mental health, the power of intentional mornings, and as always – a growth mindset.

With loads of special guests and an interactive workbook with the Rise & Decide Challenge, we know this season will take you toward brand new levels. 

Plus, this season’s movement sessions feature the perfect balances of fire, flow, and freedom! We’re so ready to help you find your happiness this Spring and beyond.




Spring programs are here!
Perfect to get your body ready for a summer of hikes, swims, and adventures!
Click below for Boss + E's HIIT workshop details, and our always-evolving class descriptions. Programs are custom curated by our Litethriive coaches to help you progress in strength, mobility, and the overall function and vitality you want.

Rise & Decide!

Litethriive was created to help us all uncover the transformations of MORNINGS! Use code EMPOWERED90 until May 8th at midnight to register for the challenge at www.riseanddecide.com


Esther Sanchez's creative worksheets for your minis! Download and share with any of the little Rebels in your world to keep their minds and spirits inspired.
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