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Summer Drop

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When we were kids, summers were filled with adventure, imagination, and growth! We believe summer 2021 is about CONSCIOUSNESS RISING, and our child-selves lend us the roadmap. Inspired by Blue Zone communities, we challenge you to stress less about workouts, dieting, and “checking all the summertime boxes”, and focus instead on eating wildly delicious food, sleeping like it’s your job, and moving as a celebration of being human. We’re challenging you to a hangover-free, vibrant, healthy summer, and we’re bringing you all the inspiration to make it happen! 
Here’s E with a short video on how.


Get Outside

Hey movers! This summer, our coaching team takes you outside every week for on-demand, extremely FUN personal movement challenges meant to do OUTSIDE! Get ready for workouts featuring park benches, trees, basketballs, and

Summer Nutrition Workshop

HUGE value from our friend, the amazing Functional Nutritionist Cait Mizzi! This package features an incredible workshop with Cait on summer nutrition. PLUS she's included her What to Eat food list AND a Summer Cocktail
E-book...all alcohol-free of course! We hope you'll take the challenge of a HANGOVER-FREE
summer with us!


Carving a revolutionary path forward means uniting Indigenous voices with settler hearts and spirits. Come to listen and begin taking part in our own collective healing so we can SHOW UP for our Indigenous sisters and brothers.
Register now for UPRIISE!


Join Dr. Mitch Abrams, musician Eric Bolton, and E for a completely different experience designed to wake up the creative centres of the brain!
July 19th at 8 PM.
Watch your inbox for free access AND the creativity pack download that accompanies
this event!

FREE Kids Movement!

Litethriive X Idea Exchange team up to offer your mini Thriivers aged 2-10 FREE training for four weeks! Mindset and movement for your kids each Thursday. Hosted with Amanda Myers.


The Mindset schedule is growing!
Beginning Friday July 16th, Friday morning Rebel Mindset becomes a conversation. We'll be talking about Michelle Good's award winning novel, with illuminating conversation you'll appreciate even if you haven't read the book.
Wednesdays at 8:30 PM, attend SUNSET MINDSET, gentle movement and evening mindset practice!
PLUS, Erin offers a brand new on-demand session weekly: Mindset On the Mat.
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