divine masculine

The Divine Masculine

Erin Moraghan

Do you feel balanced?

YES, the world needs more compassion, intuition, nurturing, and connection. This is why we feel that feminine uprising building bigger, more expansive energy each day.

But finding wholeness for all of us means always searching for harmony between these polar yet complementary energies. Does your YANG or masculine energy need a dose of fire?

Here are 8 ways to light that yang fire.

Try these simple strategies over the course of a weekend, and notice what energy shift you create.

  1. OWN your weekend. Plan it out, including your passions, downtime, quiet coffees, and favourite meals!
  2. Set time-based boundaries this weekend instead of saying YES to alllll the visits and obligations.
  3. Set a physical goal and crush it: your first short run of the season, a longer than normal hike, or crush a Litethriive Hells Bells session on Saturday morning with Christie and give it 110%!
  4. Aside from the dads we know, think of another incredible male leader and reflect on his best qualities. What ways can his actions inspire you? Send him a thank you for the positivity he brings to the world.
  5. Ditch a passive voice this weekend. Instead of being easy-breezy, take opportunities to be assertive and ask yourself what you really want to eat, see, and do (or not do!).
  6. Pick a bold affirmation for the weekend. One of my personal favourites: I drop my shields. Releasing fearful, passive energy and a need to protect our hearts, and standing instead – bold and brave – in the face of uncertainty.
  7. Be extra aware of posture this weekend. Confidence levels transform with our stance!
  8. Complete a project this weekend, start to finish. 
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