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facing fear

The STRIVE Ladder

The Strive Ladder is a concept I use in our coaching every day. The concept didn’t come from an established coach or mindset guru. It came right from my 8 year-old stepson, years ago. I was just getting to know my now stepkids.  Six and eight at the time, we were hanging out on a …

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divine masculine

The Divine Masculine

Erin Moraghan Do you feel balanced? YES, the world needs more compassion, intuition, nurturing, and connection. This is why we feel that feminine uprising building bigger, more expansive energy each day. But finding wholeness for all of us means always searching for harmony between these polar yet complementary energies. Does your YANG or masculine energy need …

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avocado dill dressing

Avocado Dill Sauce

Erin Moraghan Sometimes we forget that avo is a magic base for so much more than guacamole! It’s creaminess lends itself so beautifully to salad dressings, smoothies, and and desserts. This extremely simple sauce incorporates dill, not usually paired with avocado, and will liven up your baked salmon, chicken, veggie bowls, fry-dip, and more. It’s …

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Paleo Plantain Flatbread

Erin Moraghan Plantains! Who knew they were so, um, UNBELIEVABLE?? Traveling through Nicaragua over a decade ago as a (then) vegetarian, ALL I ate were tostones con queso , unless you count margaritas as food. I mean, they’re full of citrus. During a thirty day AIP elimination, I found myself craving carbs and realized – …

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