Change your life in under 10 seconds.

Can changing how you start your day actually change your life?  Hell yes, and this isn ‘t another hack like taking icicle showers or knocking back a morning shot of ACV.

First, let’s set the record straight: I’m a born night owl. My mom’s creativity flowed best at night, so when the sun went down, that’s when the magic started to unfold. Nights were for painting, sewing, writing, and intimate chats. I grew up loving the night and later, finding my best flow in the dark. I wrote my best essays before bed and crammed for exams late into the night. Years of bartending in my twenties meant those late nights turned into late mornings, and waking before noon was a rarity.

When I first opened my studio in 2015, imagine my terror when our 6 am classes became so waitlisted, we needed to rent additional space above our favourite local coffee shop just for our morning crew. I needed to be more than awake, I needed to morph into a creature I knew nothing about:

A morning person.

I can’t lie about this; it was a messy process. I’d set my alarm at 4:45 AM so I could hit snooze precisely 4 times and still get to the studio by 5:45. I’d swear my way through a tea on my five minute drive, awake thanks to only to the blasting death metal and the knowledge that I’d collapse on the studio sofa for a nap at exactly 7:15 AM when everyone cleared out.

Mornings were not my friend.

One day it hit me like a ton of bricks: hitting snooze is like giving the middle finger to the miraculous gift of a brand new day. Which meant that on average, I had been saying eff-you to the new-day blessings of opportunity, fresh starts, and a healthy, strong body at least twenty-four times weekly.

This realization changed everything. I resolved to never hit snooze again, and I haven’t.

I started doing these three things every morning without fail before my feet hit the floor, and over time, they have changed my life in dramatic ways. There’s more to my morning practice, but without these immediate morning mindset shifts, there’s no question my life would feel more stuck. Here’s how it works:

Start tomorrow:

  1. Don’t hit snooze.
  2. Say THANK YOU! Actually say it.
  3. Take 3 breaths.

This might seem simple, butcher’s actually some tricks.


If you’re a snooze junkie, NOT hitting snooze is likely too trigger your mind to unleash about 5 vile swears. You might punch the pillow, slam your feet to the floor, and stomp to the washroom, cursing the moment you ruined your life by reading this blog post. This is why we say THANK YOU right away.


At first, you may literally have to SAY THANK YOU OUT LOUD. As you form this habit, not hitting snooze is likely to take you right to feelings of resentment and even rage. Just say “THANK YOU!” instead to your god, goddess, the universe – whatever force you believe in that’s greater than yourself. Because you’re literally conditioning your brain to change its thought patterns, immediately saying thank you sets you on a different path. Think about it: you woke up today! Your heart is beating. Your lungs are working. You just won the lottery, again.


Staying with gratitude for three soft-belly breaths gives you a short moment to actually feel gratitude instead of just thinking it.

That’s it! Have a big stretch, hop out of bed, and get your day rocking. Before your feet even hit the ground, you’ve set the best possible chemistry for your body and mind as you head into your day. You’ll have primed your mind to avoid procrastination and make the most of each moment, leading with a grateful heart all day long.

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