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When I think about how mindset shifts have transformed my life, I need to go back to the beginning of my Revkor journey.  Seven years ago my mom and I walked into a little studio in London on a whim.  I was very nervous trying this new workout.  I believed that I was not strong, not athletic and not coordinated.  I also had the belief that I was not healthy and there was nothing I could do about it.  I had a back injury as a teenager and was told there was nothing that could be done, I wouldn’t get better and I just had to live with the pain.  I was told all of the things I couldn’t do by doctors.  The more I did classes the more I disproved all of these beliefs.  I became stronger, gained balance and coordination, and with time, my pain went away.  I learned I can’t let other people tell me what I can and cannot do.  I can do anything I put my mind to.  This was transformational for me.  I began taking more risks in all areas of my life and doing things I could never have imagined.

Something else I have learned over the years through my journey is that I don’t have to live with pain.  I am in control and I can feel better.  Much like my back pain, for years I suffered from anxiety and digestive issues.  These are things I thought I just had to live with.  Again, with my mindset shifts I was able to prove these to be false.  Through Revkor workshops, I gained knowledge about gut health and quickly realized I had to do something about my digestive issues.  I completely transformed the way I ate, which not only helped my digestion, it relieved other health issues including my anxiety.  Over the years, I began to recognize my anxiety and learned ways of dealing with it.  Movement is a release for me, I focus on muscle contraction and the movements.  I always feel better afterwards.  Erin and her team have really coached me on the mindset piece over the last few years.  I have found my morning mindset practice helps set me up for success for the day.  I also use breath and movement to relieve my anxiety when I feel it coming on.  I am happy to say I am managing all of my health challenges without medication and I feel great!

Some other mindset shifts I have had are moving away from perfectionism and realizing I am enough as I am.  I have also learned to ask for help.  I don’t need to do everything on my own.  I have learned to focus on gratitude.  I now take time to appreciate the small things in life.  I am enjoying a slowed down pace.  These mindset shifts are also contributing to my overall health.  My family and friends see the difference in me.  I am a more calm, healthy and happy person.

I have been able to take the things I have learned through my journey and apply it to my teaching.  In my classroom we celebrate mistakes because we know this is how we learn.  We focus on the power of YET.  Just because we can’t do something yet, doesn’t mean we won’t be able to do it. This past year I had my students do gratitude journals every morning.  Students began to tell me they would think about what they were grateful for on the way to school.  When COVID hit, many of my students kept up the practice at home.

I have had so many shifts in my mindset throughout my journey.  The thing that keeps me going is knowing I can always feel better and I am in control.  At 36, I feel the best I ever have in my entire life and I have a fire to keep going.

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