Is it time to stop pushing?

Erin Moraghan

This morning I saw a meme on Instagram, letting us know that our goals are so close, reminding us that we need to “Just keep pushing.”

I’m all about high-achieving and being on the very brave path toward our best self. But am I the only person who feels tired when I read “Just keep pushing.”?

Words matter.

The word pushing brings to mind the image of an exhausting uphill battle, with your desired destination blocked from view by the giant rock you’re pushing up an impossibly steep mountain. Even the sunlight is blocked, so you push from the shadows. You’re so tired from the climb, you barely remember why you started it in the first place. 


What if we replaced the exhausting, force-filled word PUSH with the inspiring word STRIVE? Strive ignites a feeling of being clear and focused. Having clarity means we’re making time regularly for stillness. To gather new strength. To remember why we keep on keeping on, and to find as much flow as we can on the journey. Yes the road is tough, but we can dig deep and gather the spirit and even the JOY for the journey because we have the driving energy of purpose within.


  • Make time for a mindset practice each morning.
  • Don’t have time? If you have 10 seconds, start with this trick!
  • Schedule small, device-free pauses in your work day to take a sip of coffee, enjoy some soft-belly breaths, and notice. How is your energy? If a project is draining you and feels pointless, lean into that insight. How could you find direction and clarity?
  • Have an accountability partner or mentor. Someone you check in with consistently to talk about your direction and get external perspective.
  • Strength train. It strengthens the neural pathways in the brain that make STRIVING a habit for life.
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