30 Day Thrive: Autoimmune + Inflammation Reset

Registration now open for April 2021 course!


So, you’ve got inflammation. 

Inflammation can be a good thing. It’s our body’s natural response to trauma or infection. That burning sore throat feeling at the start of a cold or flu? That’s a sign the body is doing its job fighting off a virus. In this instance – thank you inflammation! But did you know that virtually all chronic conditions are an instance of inflammation overload in the body? And, this extends beyond the autoimmune conditions you may have or know about, like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis.  Inflammation is behind obesity, irritable bowel, cancer, and – yes – even brain fog and depression.

So what’s the answer? 

And where can you find it? Will medication set things back on track? Going plant-based? Cannabis? Meditation? There are so many philosophies out there on autoimmune and inflammation diets, it’s not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed in response.

If you’ve fallen down the rabbit-hole of online and social media fix-alls, trying to figure out what the best path forward is for you, we’ve designed a course to help you put empowering strategies into your own hands, no matter how inflammation is affecting your life right now. 

If you’re ready to stop feeling the anxiety of uncertainty, never feeling well, or hopping from program to program, spending time and money on quick-fixes that aren’t actually changing how you feel, this course has your name on it.

The answers are actually inside you, and we’re here to help you find them.

We’ve personally been on the inflammation journey, and the changes we’ve been able to create in our own lives have driven us to support clients for years in one-on-one settings. To create a truly accessible and inclusive experience, we’ve curated a 30 Day program to help you ease and manage some of the challenges and symptoms of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions with our 30 Day Thriive Reset, through a holistically balanced approach. This is about way more that finding an autoimmune or inflammation based diet. This is about a lifestyle that puts the power back in your capable, intuitive hands.

The plan.

  • Fuel: We’ll tackle an AIP nutrition plan guided by Functional Nutritionist Cait Mizzi.
  • Movement: Our expert team will help you find strategies to move every single day, helping you build physical stamina and vibrancy.
  • Mindset: Step aside, brain fog and isolation! We’re gonna light your world right back up. So many of the answers we’re looking for can actually be found between the ears. YES. Brain-training can ease your physical symptoms.
  • The Crew: It’s always the secret sauce. We rise by lifting one another and having each other’s backs on this journey.

This program has been specially designed to help you up not only find the information you need to feel a powerful shift in your body and life, but to have the tools to take control of your health once and for all.

Who should join:

Autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are still misunderstood and often hard to diagnose. Because of this, patients often spend years – if not a lifetime – with a lack of diagnoses, answers, explanations, and direction. Plus, upon diagnosis, many people go on to feel permanently “broken”, and rightly so. When we’re told we have a chronic condition or disease, the message is often that there’s little or even nothing we can do to change our health journey aside from manage symptoms. 

This simply isn’t true.

If inflammation is present in your body, this program will help you harness the life-changing powers of food, movement, community, and most importantly your mind, when it comes to your healing path. This program will help you put your wellness and your life back into your hands.

There are always ways you can transform your health. We’ll teach you how to do this daily, for life.


30 Day Thrive registration is NOW OPEN, and space is limited. Claim your spot for the April 8th kickoff workshop with our experts.

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