8 Ways to Support Local during COVID 19

By Erin Moraghan –¬†Litethriive Founder

What do you love about where you live? Local businesses and organizations bring so much of the energy, culture, and connection you love about your community. What would life be like without them?

Local makes a difference.

Small businesses are essential to our economies and our human experience. They move our communities forward through innovation, employment, charitable support, and much more. These destinations give us a sense of belonging; saying hello to people we know, buying things that support our local community – these little acts feed our souls.

While governments are stepping in to support small businesses, these initiatives will not save the places we love. It’s up to us to help make sure our favourite cafes, studios, shops, farm stores, and local haunts are there on the other side.

Here’s 8 ways to can support your local dreamers, builders, and doers.

Some of these won’t cost you a penny.

1. Recommend.

Share posts about your favourite local purchases, experiences, and online finds. Tag businesses and makers. Leave positive reviews. Have a negative experience? Offer local businesses some grace right now, and send constructive feedback via email instead of posting it publicly.

2. Uplift!

Most small business owners, artists, and practitioners are tapping into every ounce of grit they’ve got this year. Send them a little note of kindness and encouragement on Instagram or email. Your moral support will go just as far as any dollar spent.

3. Food adventures.

Plan day-trips around visiting new farm stores, patios, craft breweries and wineries. Or, order takeout to eat by a beautiful river or park.

4. Move your body.

Boutique fitness studios want help you to stay healthy during the pandemic. Sign up for their online programs, which helps you just as much as them. The bonus? Moving regularly helps you stay mentally strong as we continue navigating the pandemic.

5. Connect with creativity.

We may not realize we’re starved for connection with music, film, and visual arts, but we are! Visit galleries and museums, purchase art online, and consider sending encouragement or even cash transfers to local musicians you love.

6. Gift local.

With more businesses offering delivery than ever before, it’s easy to share your favourite local treasures with friends and family. Right at their doorstep!

7. Here’s a tip:

Leave bigger tips! Servers and bartenders have had their income slashed due to capacity restrictions, and they’re working even harder to help you enjoy your night out safely.

8. Pay more, happily.

The simple reality? The cost of delivering goods and services has gone up. If funds are tight, know it’s the same story for the small business pouring your ros√©, highlighting your hair, or delivering your favourite Thai dish. Feel good knowing that when you pay an extra few dollars for your blowout, you’re helping a business owner keep the lights on and pay their staff for another month.

What are your favourite ways to support local now, and always?


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