Does your workout “work”?

Erin Moraghan: November 25, 2020

The only way to make it “work”.


In my career as a movement coach, one of the most common things I hear from people new to working with us is:

“I tried (insert yoga/fitness/bootcamp style here) and it didn’t work.”

It didn’t “work”? Like when the TV remote craps out, or your car won’t start? I ask for more details:

“Yah, I did their program for six weeks and I was so sore, and my body didn’t change at all. I tweaked my knee so I’ve pretty much been on the couch the last six months. I hear that your program totally works, so that’s why I’m here.”

Actually, it’s not my program. YES, it’s empowering to find a coach who feels like the right fit for you. It’s MAGIC to find a movement program that doesn’t hurt, and that feels like transformation and progress in your body.

But here’s a secret for you. It’s not our program that works, it’s YOU.

See, we’ve been conditioned to be separate from our bodies. Culturally, we’ve learned since childhood how to ignore sensations in the body to the point where we don’t even see them as ours.

Need proof?

Our bodies wave little (and eventually BIG) flags at us all the time. Not only do we ignore them, we shut them down.

  • We take meds to combat bloating and GI upset, instead of looking at our nutrition and stress level.
  • We load up on caffeine and sugar when we’re wiped, instead of improving rest quality and taking work breaks.
  • Anxious? Instead of asking ourselves what has us overwhelmed, we squash the discomfort with wine, food, distractions, and other substances.
  • We ignore red flags or gut-instincts about people who make us uncomfortable, because we were raised to people-please and have “good manners”.

It’s no surprise that when we start a new movement program, we hand over the reins to the instructor or coach, the same way we do a morning latte or after-work chardonnay.

“Fix me,” we think. “Just tell me exactly what to do.”

So we eat, move, and live the way they tell us. And along the way, maybe our low back, hip, or knee says “Hey! WTF?” but we ignore it and carry on, because we don’t own the process. And maybe we feel drained, depleted, and SUPER HUNGRY but we ignore that, too, because our bodies aren’t our own, and we don’t own this journey, right? We paid someone to run it for six weeks and if it doesn’t “work”, well then, it’s not our fault, is it?

See where I’m headed here? If it’s not on us to uncover the change we’re looking for, then we will never achieve what we want. Not in our bodies, our relationships, or our careers.

We teach you to take your power back.

And THAT is why our program works. In fact, it works so well, you’ll stop needing us. Our hope is that you stick around just because you love our crew.

Whether you get started with us – or any other program – choose to own the process.

Does you knee hurt in those lunges? OWN YOUR LEGS! Tell your coach. Ask for instruction. Trust your body’s wisdom and shift your position. Explore. Find what feels pain-free and strong. You know more than you think!

Hungry, tired, or lightheaded on that meal plan? Own that feeling. It’s YOURS. Talk to your nutrition expert, do your own reading, keep a food log and take charge of the process.

Our incredible bodies are giving us messages all day long, and it will take time to retrain our brains to listen. But once we start to own the process, deep transformation can unfold. Our bodies become ours again, and they respond in kind. When they say, “Hello! I’m a little tired today, can you help?” We can get better at saying, “Hey, sure. I got you. Let’s go for a forest walk and have a long stretch today, instead of that 60 minute HIIT class.”

Suddenly, things will start to “work”.

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