How to Hear Your Inner Voice.

Erin Moraghan

Do you ever wish you could press reset and have a massive do-over? Or even better, that life came with its own GPS to tell us exactly which direction is right?

It’s no secret that culturally we’re feeling more overwhelmed, isolated, and disconnected than ever before. But we’re not powerless when it comes to shifting this reality. By tapping into our inner voice, we’ll start to strengthen our ability to read the compass we were born with, often known as our inner voice. Through this deeper connection to self, we start to find more clarity and ease in our days, which leads to more authentic connection with the people – and the planet – around us.

What is my inner voice?

How many times have you had a gut feeling or intuitive moment? This is your inner voice. I also think it’s our inner voice speaking when we naturally gravitate toward what makes our hearts sing. Some people see mountains, and every cell in their body says “yes!”. For others, it’s the forest, or the beach. It’s that natural inclination we have toward music, sciences, kayaking, sewing, hockey. Our inner voice speaks to us when we’re headed in a direction that’s true for our souls.

Is there science on this?

Scientists now know that the brain-gut connection is real. They call this “little brain” in the gut the Enteric Nervous System (ENS). Exciting research continues to show that chronic stress, anxiety, and other mental/emotional challenges do indeed directly affect gut health. In turn, other systems in the body are affected, too.

Is this important for kids?

It’s everything. As adults, so many of our struggles are centred around a disconnection from our true selves. We spend so much time trying to “do the right thing”. And even more time wondering what others will think. Learning how to hear your own voice shows the kiddos in your life how to do the same. Your leadership can help them learn how to be more confident at school and in all their pursuits.

My top strategies for hearing my own voice:

The reality is, most of us sell our attention to our smartphones first thing in the morning. We start our days without rooting our attention within from the get-go. We need strategies for giving the current “overwhelm epidemic” the finger. Here’s how I stay on the Rebel Path that’s true for me:

The 10 Second Morning.

If you’re still using your phone as an alarm clock, stop today. Purchase an alarm clock so you can get up in the morning without the temptation of scrolling. Our device addiction is real. Further, pressing snooze is like saying NOPE to the gift of a brand new day, so instead, say THANK YOU in your mind. THANK YOU for the gift of this day! Take 3 full breaths. In ten seconds, you’ve begun the process of reprogramming your brain to become more hopeful, grateful, and connected to self. For more on the 10 Second Morning click here.

A Morning Practice.

Starting the day by using simple strategies to own your brain is key to hearing your intuition. Find a quiet space for even five minutes of journaling, or develop a new habit like my Rebel Mindset practice. You can take the 8 Day Course here for only $28 and start the process of shifting your life forever.

Move in Flow.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about the flow-state. When it comes to hearing your own voice, few things can parallel the power of moving in flow. What does this mean? It’s not just about workouts or yoga. Move your body in ways that challenge you enough to keep you totally present, but also feature enough ease that you feel a huge sense of enjoyment in the process. Some of my favourite ways to move in flow? Trekking through rivers, slow strength and mobility workouts, and good old fashioned labour. Grounding activities like landscaping, gardening, building, or tending to animals can bring great feelings of connection and accomplishment. I felt most grounded when I worked as a stable hand in my teens. I’d take shovelling manure and tossing around hay bales over the office any day.

Don’t be influenced.

Nothing stands in the way of our inner voice more obviously than the loudness of others’ opinions. Be conscious of who you surround yourself with, and remember that opinions also come to us through media. Be deeply aware and intentional about how you’re consuming the voices of others.

Feed your brain and body with love.

The goal of good nutrition should never be to change the shape of our bodies. We’ve been missing the boat here for decades by connecting healthy food to the loss of inches and pounds. A healthy weight is a wonderful benefit of eating well. But the truth is that our bodies – including every organ – requires the right nutrition to function optimally. When our brains aren’t being fed brain-happy food, this affects our mood, energy, and sense of purpose. Return to loving food, and eat the best, whole foods you can afford. Eat from a place of true self love to nurture your own wise inner voice.

What can change when I start listening to my inner voice?

Strengthening our connection to self brings so many benefits and helps us carve our most fulfilling paths forward. We learn how to make tough decisions because we’re clearly connected to why we’re striving ahead. Even when others may tell us we’re headed the wrong way. When we hear our own voice, we learn to care for and nurture ourselves. We stay connected to passions and things that keep us whole. Suddenly we have confidence in our abilities when things get tough. Best of all, we need less outer fulfillment (shopping, a big house, a fat bank account), and learn to be truly delighted with the small gifts of life.

An inspiring story about inner voice.

Here’s a conversation I had with my friend Kelly Tipler. She shares her brave journey back to herself, navigating years of an autoimmune illness.

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