Are you ok? 3 little ways to feel big-time different.

By Litethriive Founder Erin Moraghan

Struggling? It’s time to feel better.

Feel relief with these small steps toward resiliency.

As I write this, it’s been 317 days since we began sharing our Mindset practice at the start of COVID 19! With nearly a year of this pandemic under our belts, many people are feeling overwhelmed, apathetic, and tired to their core. With high-hopes for vaccine success and a light at the end of the tunnel, it doesn’t always make today any easier. Here’s simple, science-based ways you can shift your feelings from blah to hell-yah ASAP!

3 guaranteed ways to feel better.


10 Second mornings.

Hundreds of our virtual members join us live three times weekly for a live Rebel Mindset practice with me or coach Greg Klym. Not ready for that yet? How about this 10 second morning? I know you’ve got 10 seconds before your feet hit the floor, and I can tell you, this one absolutely changed my life.


It changes your brain. Neuroscientists say that in people who are depressed, the hippocampus is smaller. Exercise promotes neuroplasticity, and increases nerve cell growth in the hippocampus. Why is this cool? It helps relieve depression. Often times people credit the endorphins released from high-intensity exercise as the reason we feel so good when we work up a sweat. While this is true, low impact movement is just as important. Sustained movement changes the brain, and that improved brain function makes us feel good in lasting ways. So go for a device-free walk, or get on your yoga mat. Breathe deep, notice your surroundings, and feel good connecting with the reality that you’re changing your brain for the better!

Stop feeling bad about not being motivated.

Why? Because you don’t need motivation anyway. It might spark the initial drive, but it won’t help you stay the course. Discipline is the path forward to the peace and freedom we crave. So let’s stop waiting for the spark of desire to start, and just get about the business of making a habit-based plan.

Need help? Join our crew.

Keep breathing, everyone. We’ve got this.







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